The Races of Tallaria


A few human races inhabit the world. Although there are several sentient non human races that populate the world, they are few and sparse and often live near the north or even across the Jewelled Sea.


Arcadians can trace their ancestry back to the days of the First Humans, including Lonas Csarian. Arcadians are the first humans who have ever lived and hence have a natural affinity for magic. They are usually pale skinned with dark or brown hair, having lived in the north and had to adapt to the cold. They are more resistant to the elements and most natural diseases. Their deep brown or red eyes are characteristic of their ethnicity. They generally are taller than other races.

Arcadians, ever since the founding and growth of Bastion, have been oppressed and treated the worse in history, due to a distrust of their magical roots. Many Arcadians were kept as slaves before slavery was outlawed during the Epoch of Civilization. While many now assimilate well into various countries and cultures, many still hold a stigma against Arcadians.

Arcadians are based off Nordic and Scandinavian societies. Arcadians have the 2nd highest population of the world.


Bastics come from the days of Sarah Sutherland as humans began to live near the south. Bastics are characteristic for their diverse physical appearance, from deep brown hair and hazel or red eyes similar to Arcadians, to blonde or even platinum hair with blue or emerald eyes. They are physically fittest amongst the human races and many historically famous warriors and fighters were Bastics. Bastics are the majority of the human races as of now.

Bastics contribute to the majority of the world’s population. Their culture is dominate and pervasive throughout other countries, and their powerful noble Houses often exert a great deal of influence on global issues.

Bastics are based off Western Europeans societies.


Gondorans are mostly underground dwelling people and rarely live in the sunlight. As a result of sunlight deficiency and their living spaces, Gondorans are most often always of small statures with pale skin. Compensating for the small sizes, is their technological and magical ingenuity, and hence Gondorans have always produced the greatest thinkers and inventors in history. Gondorans have blonde or brown hair and black or green eyes.

Gondorans are often seen as the technological driving force of the world, and most Gondorans grow up to be inventors, engineers or architects. They are the 3rd largest population in the world.

Gondorans are based off East European societies.


Oriental people are usually tanned, having olive skin complexion from living near the south for so long. They have almost exclusively black hair (or sometimes reddish brown) with a huge variety of eye colors. Having lived near the seas for so long, Oriental people adapt to sea life more easily and are generally more hardy than other races.

Orientals are the 4th largest population in the world. They are often merchants, ship captains, bankers, or politicians. There is a popular saying that “Give an Oriental a coin and he’ll produce two”, showing that Orientals have been known for being economically savvy.

Orientals are based off Mediterranean societies.


Syvodian people are a relatively new race as compared to the other races. They generally have blonde hair with pale skin and light coloured eyes. They have extremely red skin complexions due to living on elevated environments. Syvodians are well known for their love for culture and the arts.

Syvodians are well known for also being a hothouse for potential assassins and mercenaries. Many assassin or mercenary guilds have a base in the Syvodian states, and as such the Syvodian states have no standing army, for the other countries are already intimidated by the sheer number of deadly and influential guilds that have called the Syvodian states their homes.

Syvodians are based off eastern societies.

The Races of Tallaria

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