Khione Alexandria Svenson

Main Character


Name: Khione Alexandria Svenson
Status: Alive
Birthplace: The Capitol, Bastion
Titles, Other Names: Second Successor to House Svenson, Fair-Hair
Allegiance: House Svenson, House Adalhart
Age: 32
Related to:
Sven Marius Svenson – Brother, Alive
Rufus Bolsar Svenson – Father, Alive

Fighting Style: Sword, Shield, Light Magic
Armor: Heavy Armor


Khione Alexandria Svenson is the second child of Lord Preceptor Rufus Svenson, second successor to House Svenson. Along with her brother, Sven, she grew up alongside the Adalhart brothers in Norhaven. When she was young, she and her brother were mage prodigies, specializing in Light Magic, despite being Bastic. Her father attempted to tutor both of them in magic, even enrolling them into the Royal Academy to hone their skills. Khione managed to train her abilities and by the time she was 6 years old, she could harness elemental magic with the ease of a novice adult mage.

However, as she grew up, she experienced the stigma and discrimination associated with being a mage, as many local families knew about her endeavors in learning magic, giving her the nickname ‘Fair-Hair’ as she was easily identifiable in Norhaven where an overwhelming majority of people have dark hair. As a result, her father hired a private tutor to teach her about magic. She also decided to take up swordfighting lessons with the Adalharts, and not long after, completely dropped her magic lessons to focus on swordfighting.

Khione was very close to Edmund and Eugene Adalhart. She treated Edmund like an older brother, as he was always kind and considerate to her, and Eugene as a younger brother. As she grew up, she developed an infatuation for Edmund and often fantasized about romancing him. Eugene had always been aware of this, which caused him to be at odds with his oldest brother. Khione viewed Eugene as a little brother that had to be protected, as he was not as physically inclined as his older brothers and often were bullied by the children of the other vassal houses.

When Khione was 14 years old, the first Hammer’s Apprentice Siege on Bastion happened, in which the outermost as well as innermost walls of the capitol were badly destroyed, and the rebel forces managed to seize the capitol Acropolis. The then Dagger of Bastion deserted the capitol as he feared for his life. The Monarch called upon Lord Gerald Adalhart to assist in the defending of the capitol, in which he did, and along with Rufus Svenson managed to push back and severely affect the Hammer’s Apprentice forces, saving the capitol. This was partly due to the Svenson men and women, who were powerful spellcasters and mages, managing to eradicate swarms of Hammer’s Apprentice forces with a few spells. The Monarch, Queen Helen, then appointed Lord Gerald as the Dagger of Bastion and allowed him to move to the capitol with his family. Lord Gerald requested that the Svenson family move with him too, citing Rufus Svenson’s help in defending Bastion. The Monarch relented and the Svensons moved to the capitol. Despite the Svenson’s help in the battle, Rufus, Sven and Khione were still treated as outsiders in the Royal Court, and received discrimination in the Acropolis where anti-magic sentiments were strong.

Khione then decided to train as a Dagger Warden, away from the scrutiny of the highborn in the Bastic Capitol, alongside the Adalhart brothers, where she knew she was accepted. Khione trained to be a proficient sword fighter, being able to best her swordfighting tutor as well as Edmund Adalhart, who was considered to be a well versed fighter as well. When Khione was 18, Lord Rufus began finding for a suitable suitor for Khione. With the permission of Lord Gerald, he brought Khione to the annual Winter Solstice celebrations at the Bastic Palace to find for a suitor. However, at the ball, there were many more attractive looking girls, and in addition to the stigma attached to the Svenson family, Khione was not approached by anyone.

During the middle of the Winter Solstice ball, Khione left to servant quarters to have some time away from the rest. She found Edmund hiding away in the servant quarters as well. Edmund tells Khione that he’s hiding from the overwhelming number of suitors that approached him. Khione has a short, sincere heartfelt conversation before expressing her feelings of loneliness and self-rejection. Edmund reassures her and restores a little of her self-confidence. At that moment, Khione developed feelings for Edmund, as they returned to the ballroom and had a dance together, in a simple act of playful rebellion.

The next day, Lord Gerald met with Khione privately to talk about the events of the ball. Lord Gerald tells Khione that he knows about her feelings for Edmund, and says that he cannot allow Khione to have any form of relationship with Edmund, as he wants Edmund to marry the eldest daughter of the Canticast family to secure a political alliance with the ruling house. Lord Gerald then mentions that he has talked with Rufus Svenson, and offers her Eugene’s hand in marriage, citing his worries for Eugene being unable to successfully find a suitable wife, as he is not physically inclined, often sickly and reads more books than fights in battles. Khione then states that she does not want to marry out of sympathy for someone, and refuses his offer. Lord Gerald asks that Khione understands his sentiments, and Khione reluctantly admits so. From then on, Khione became more distant from Edmund, but still remained close with Eugene.

With Sven also being unsuccessful in finding a suitable suitor, Lord Rufus decided to focus on their training so that they could contribute to Bastic society. Khione decides to learn magic again, from the Basilica Orare’s healers, much to Sven’s disdain. Khione and Sven had a cold relationship from the start, but it worsened as Sven grew to stigmatize the use of magic. Sven then joined the Order of the True Knights as a recruit, and was often gone from home. One day, when returning home from training, she encountered a blood fiend in her home. She and her father quickly killed the fiend, with her father saying that he had no idea where the fiend came from. Growing suspicious, she decided to investigate, and when Rufus Svenson was away, she searched thoroughly through his chambers and found books, drawings, maps and incantations related to blood magic. Horrified, she confronted her father immediately, who admitted to her that he had been learning blood magic. However, he told her that he was not planning to use blood magic itself. He revealed to Khione that he was working for the Hammer’s Apprentice, and was collaborating with them overthrow the Monarch and lift the ban and decriminalize the religion of the True Apprentice. He was researching blood magic, as he suspected someone who was one of the leaders of the movement to be a blood mage and was involved in some brutal murders and blasphemous rituals. Khione asked her father why he would support the Hammer’s Apprentice, and he replied that he sympathized with their cause as he had seen firsthand how they were being oppressed by the Monarch and the highborn. Rufus then asked Khione to promise not to tell anyone, in which Khione reluctantly agreed.

Khione broke her promise and told everything to Sven, when he came back. Alarmed, Sven told Khione that he would report their father directly to the preceptor, Lord Vulkar Halgarious, the leader of the Order of the True Knights. Aghast that Sven would report his own father, Khione protested and argued with Sven and tried to persuade him to convince their father to not support the Hammer’s Apprentice, instead of locking him up or potentially executing him. Sven was adamant, and thus when the royal guards searched the Svenson mansion, Khione had hid all of their father’s books and research about blood magic. The guards, being unable to find anything, threatened to jail Sven for telling lies, but Rufus Svenson convinced the guards to let him go. After the incident, Sven threatened his father to tell Lord Gerald, in which Rufus Svenson then admits that Lord Gerald already knows about his efforts. Khione asks if Lord Gerald is also involved in supporting the Hammer’s Apprentices, in which Rufus replies that while Lord Gerald is also sympathetic to their cause, he does not actively help them as it might compromise his position. Rufus then thanks Khione for hiding his research, which infuriates Sven. Sven then declares that he leaves the Svenson House and leaves to stay with the Order of the True Knights permanently.

When Edmund’s murder occurred, Lord Gerald quickly decided to spirit Khione away, with the Adalhart brothers, saying that the capitol was unsafe for them. In reality, Lord Gerald wanted Evan and Eugene to protect Khione as they fled back to Norhaven, to prevent Khione from being arrested as well. Khione witnessed her father’s walk of atonement as she fled the city.

2 months later, having returned to Norhaven for about 2 weeks, Khione decided that she wanted to leave the Adalhart household and the life of a highborn, to pursue the life of a mercenary to seek justice for Edmund’s death. Before leaving, she leaves a note, briefly explaining her situation on Eugene’s table before escaping during the night. However, she is caught by Evan as she flees, and Evan confronts her with the letter, him having read it. Khione then tells Evan that she is leaving partly due to the fact that the house and the Adalharts remind her of Edmund, and it pained her to stay in a house with such painful memories. Evan then tries to convince Khione to stay by saying that Eugene would be extremely sad. Khione expresses her concern for Eugene but ultimately does not change her mind. Evan respects her decision, and Khione leaves after asking Evan to tell Eugene that she loves them deeply as brothers.

A few weeks has passed and Khione stays at an inn in the slums of Norhaven. She is unable to find a lot of jobs as a mercenary, due to her lack of experience and her highborn looks. One night, as she is running out of rent money, she feels helpless and sits in the bar to think. All of a sudden, a man sits next to her and recognizes her as Khione Svenson. Khione looks up curiously and cautiously, and asks the man how he knows her. The man then reveals himself to be Olvar Yveno, and tells Khione that he was a loyal follower of her father, Rufus. Olvar then says that he recognized Khione due to her striking blond hair, and that he had seen her when she was a baby. Olvar then asks what Khione is doing away from the Adalhart household, in which Khione tells him that she is seeking revenge for the death of Edmund Adalhart. Olvar then pledges himself to Khione, and vows to protect and help Khione along her journey. Khione asks if her father’s other loyal men and women could be of any help, and Olvar reveals that the once bannermages for the Svenson House have been either killed or exiled out of the capitol. Khione then asks if Olvar knows anyone who could have some information that she could start off with. Olvar admits that since he fled from the capitol, he has not kept in contact with any of his old fellow bannermen. Olvar invites Khione to stay with him in his house, and Khione gratefully agrees.

After 10 years of finding for clues and evidence, Khione has managed to find little to no substantial evidence. One day, she finally receives a letter by an anonymous writer, telling her to go visit Edmund’s grave to find out more about his murder.

Khione Alexandria Svenson

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